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Frequently Asked Questions about Detroit Sports News

What Is This?

Detroit Sports News is an RSS aggregator that collects and organizes links to news stories about the Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers, and Detroit Red Wings?

What About The Pistons?

Ryan is a big fan of Hockey, Football, and Baseball but doesn't really like Basketball.

Who Made This? Why?

This website was created by Ryan Jones as a personal project to make his life easier. Every moring Ryan does the same sports related searches, so he created this aggregator to save him some time.

How Does it Work?

This site aggregates RSS feeds from search engine news search feeds. It caches them for a minimum of one hour, and updates them when somebody visits and the cache file is more than 1 hour old.

Why Are Some Dates in the future?

This site takes the dates that publishers put in their RSS feed. Many publishers try to "game" the system by manipulating their article dates in RSS so they show up first in search engine news results.

So Then, Why Ads?

Seems like some other Detroit sports fans have stumbled on to this site, and bandwidth isn't free.